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Online Solutions

Retailers also need to figure out how payments fit into their offering by answering the question: "What role do I play in the payment business? Retailers using ZayPay Payments through a partnership with us can easily process multiple payments across all channels. Paying users can use digital invoices to collect payments from customers via email or accept payments on-site.

Payment Consultancy

If that sounds simple enough, the success of a consultant consists of industry knowledge, problem-solving competence, decision-making ability and decision-making ability. Once you have recognized your consulting competence When it comes to "proper" management, it is time to take the next step: becoming a consulting firm and starting one. If a customer is struggling with a particular business direction, a strategy consultant can talk to them about how to do this. The company advises in the areas of business strategy, business development, marketing, sales, customer service and customer service.

Front End Services

Front-end services focus on the digital customer journey and offer a wide range of services including e-commerce, payments, payment processing and payment management. Secure Payment Services makes the fulfilment of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requirements superfluous. The cloud-based backend solution includes merchant acquisition to replace the old IT solutions.

Invoice solutions

Businesses should produce professional invoices clearly showing the hours worked and the amount owed on each invoice. The recording of billable working hours over time and the invoicing of customers is a key element for the management of a consulting company. To motivate you to pay your customers early or at least on time, you can offer the option of paying an invoice every 10 - 20 days. Monthly invoicing is a common method for freelancers and one of the best ways to organize invoices and payments.

POS consulting

Shared Services solution has a secure data store that turns sensitive customer data into tokens and adds another layer of protection for payment transactions. Consumer Card Services offers a complete solution for card transactions requiring a single point-of-sale (POS), debit card or credit card

Growth Tracking

An omni-channel payment solution that facilitates transactions across all channels, providing unmatched convenience and security to end consumers and retailers. AurusPay controls a single cross-channel token for processing complex payment processes and offers a complete solution for online orders and pick-up-in-stores that combines both online and ordering processes to make seamless payments from a single source - picked up during branch transactions. It provides a secure way to accept credit card payments without touching a customer's sensitive card information. We are driving unprecedented payment innovation, including the ability to process seamless and omni-channel payments, and we are driving the next generation of payment solutions for consumers, retailers and payment processing companies


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